Scarf Wrap Top

We finally got a taste of warmer weather this past week in Minneapolis, so I found myself digging through my wardrobe for some of my more summer-friendly options. I came across this scarf that my sister brought me back from Prague last year,  and wanted to find a way to wear it this summer without passing out from heat stroke. That being said, I started playing around with the idea of creating it into a top, and absolutely love the result.  

What you'll need:

-scarf or a long piece of fabric

-strapless bra

*For the purpose of this tutorial, I wore a sports bra to provide coverage.

To start off, you are going to tuck the end of the scarf (or piece of fabric) into the back of your strapless bra and pull the rest of the scarf over your shoulder.

Twist the scarf tightly to create a rope like strap across your back.

Pull the fabric that was over your should and open it up to lay across one side of your chest. Once you have done that, secure the bottom of the fabric triangle you've created with your hand in the middle of your ribcage/sternum and pull the scarf around the back of you.

Continue to pull the scarf around you until it covers the other side of your chest. You are going to continue wrapping the scarf around you until it is all the way around your body. 

Once you have made it around, tuck it into the back of your bra close to where you began. For safety, feel free to secure the ends of the scarf with safety pins or a few stitches if you're handy with a needle and thread. 

And a new summer top is born! Perfect for festivals or eating out on the patio.

Emily QuandahlComment