Rope Plant Hanger

Just this morning I was walking around the grocery store when I saw hanging ferns on sale for $7.  If you know me, you know that I have an extremely difficult time keeping house plants alive (even though I work with a floral designer as my day job), so this sale price was enticing just in case this fern has a short life like many of my other plants. That being said, I've been looking to add some greenery to my bedroom so this seemed like the perfect opportunity for a DIY.  

What you'll need: 

Roughly 75' of rope


Plant saucer

Plant of your choice

You'll start out by measuring the rope into four segments. Each segment is going to be roughly three arm lengths long. Go ahead and add and extra arm length to each group if you plan on having you planter hang lower than pictured above.

Next line up the four pieces of rope together in your hand, and tie a simple knot in the middle of the grouped ropes.

When you lay that knot down on the floor, it will look like a large criss-cross pattern. The large knot will sit at the center of the bottom of pot/plant saucer.

Place the pot on top of the center knot.

This is where it starts to appear much trickier than it actually is. You're going to take one rope from two different sides of the criss-cross you made earlier and pull them into a triangle shape against the side of the pot.

Next tie a knot at the top of the triangle. Once that side is done, do it to the three other sides. Be careful to double check that the large knot at the bottom remains as close to the center to ensure the pot won't hang lopsided at the end. 

Here's a view of what it will look like once you tie the knots and take the pot off. It makes what we will call a clover.

Place the pot on the center knot again and repeat the triangle step again to all four sides, but this time creating a second tier. 

Once you have the second tier of knots done, you are going to pull all of the ropes up to the top, creating the thick rope the plant with hang from. 

Tie a knot with all of the ropes about half way up, leaving enough space for the plant to breath.

To create a place for the rope to hold onto the ceiling hook, you'll fold them over to create a loop.

Next tie a knot with this loop and trim remaining rope.

Once that step is done, you're good to go. Here is the view from the top with the duel knots. 

And here is the view from the bottom once it is hanging. The clover design created earlier in the first tier of knots is displayed, creating stability with an interesting design. 

*At the very end, I slipped my plant saucer in which created a decorative and finished look.

And voila! Yet another simple and inexpensive way to spruce up your space by DIY. 

Emily QuandahlComment