Meet the Maker: Mari Brum of Wink Pins

To be perfectly honest, every time a new maker is featured on Cantik, they're chosen because I am such a fan girl of their work and and want to learn more about the person behind it all. That being said, when I contacted Mari of Wink Pins and learned more about her, I was SHOCKED to find out that she has only had her shop open for less than three months? THREE MONTHS?? In the past three months I've broke my New Year resolution, while she has given birth to her kick-ass button shop that continues to gain a dedicated following. This lady is nothing short of a #girlboss, and I think you will all agree with me when you check out her quirky, wearable art.

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Everyone has a different path to finding their creative rhythm and becoming an artist. What got you started?

Artist? You're making me blush! I've always loved to draw, and have been wanting to have a creative  business for ages. I considered stationery first, but nothing really developed from that. My pin journey began with a Disney pin obsession collection a couple of years ago. I knew about them, and had always seen them on lanyards. Then I saw a French blogger I've been following for ages (Éléonore Bridge, Le Blog de la Méchante) wear them as accessories with a cute outfit, and completely fell in love. It took me quite a long time to make the connection, and say, hey! I could totally do this! 

I love the fact that your pins are wearable art. So quirky and so fun. Where do you draw inspiration from?

I completely agree that pins are a form of wearable art. I'm mostly inspired by pop culture, and my daily life. I always think which of all of my ideas would make me smile the most, and go with that. I've discovered pins are endorphin accelerators. I guess that is why they are so addictive. It sounds a little silly, but I always feel more cheerful if I'm wearing pins. Especially if I get away with wearing a cute pin in a serious situation. 

Where would you like to see your artistic career in the next five years, and do you have any advice for someone just starting out?

Not sure I will be able to achieve this in five years, but my ultimate vision is a Pin Revolution. A pin on every outfit, from a denim jacket, to a power suit, to a gown. I named my business "Wink", because to me that's what pins really are: a friendly nod, a shared joke between you and your inner child. Who doesn't want to reconnect with that old friend?

With regards to your second question. My Etsy shop has been live for less than three months, so I'm also just starting out. However, my advice is quite simple: GO FOR IT, girl! It's natural to have low moments, to feel that you don't know what you're doing, to doubt your talent. But we're all in this together. My second piece of advice is: do your research! There are amazing resources out there for small businesses that will make your life easier. My recommendations are: Creative Live, Holly Casto, Renae Christine.

When you're not creating. what are you typically up to? Any other interests?

I'm totally a Netflix and chill kind gal. As a proud introvert, I also love to read, and watching book videos on YouTube (if you haven't heard of the BookTube community you're totally miss out!).


Book recommendations: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, A Little Princess, Station Eleven, Kafka on the Shore.

Underrated series you should give a chance to: The Americans

BookTubers I love:  Ariel Bisset, MercysBookishMusings, WordsofaReader

Last but not least, who are some artists and makers out there that you think we should know about?

There are so many amazing artists I love. I'll try my best to narrow it down: 

Jordan Sondler,@jordansondler, Illustrator and ceramicist. She's amazing. You'll want to cover your walls with her art. 

Kendra Dandy,  @theebouffants Creative genius, illustrator, artist. You're in luck: she also makes pins!

Nutmeg and Arlo @nutmegandarlo. Pins and cards. If you like my stuff I guarantee you'll love her. We're basically creative soul mates. 

Sally, @Fairy_Cakes_. Pins and patches. Cute, sassy, and nerdy. Doesn't get much better than that.

Ann Shen, @anndangerIllustraor, letterer, pins, pretty sure also unicorn. Be prepared to double tap like a maniac. 

Coucou Suzette, @coucousuzettePin queen extraordinaire. Also patches, and the best socks ever. 

Natalle, @natelledrawsstuff. Pins, stickers, accessories. Pizza cats, donut cats. You won't be able to stop smiling. 

If you want to learn more about Mari and Wink Pins, you can check out her Etsy shop or her Instagram @winkpins.

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