Meet the Maker: Ben Uyeda

Today Cantik is not only welcoming our first male maker, but our first DIY guru. I know many of you are thinking that it's about time we add some diversity up in here (although we're still loving  all you #girlbosses), but this post is extra exciting because all the pieces you see featured below, you can totally make yourself! For those of you who aren't familiar with Ben Uyeda, he's the creator of Homemade Modern, which is this life changing website for those that love a good DIY.  He has the ultimate eye for modern sleek design, while still keeping the DIY aspect of it obtainable to the average Joe. 

Everyone has a different path to finding their creative rhythm and becoming a maker. What got you started?

Curiosity and audacity! Most of us start as a beginner with no experience and curiosity and audacity are the essential ingredients to get us past that point. I was curious about the way things are made and audacious enough to want to try designing and making without expertise or guidance.

I love that your work is obtainable for people to DIY, yet so unique. What inspired you to create Homemade Modern, and where do you draw inspiration from?

I want to design things that aspirational yet attainable.  Using creativity to design objects for only the financially privileged to consume is a joyless activity for me.  The challenge of creating access and inspiring people to take action is what excites and motivates me.  We can all have nice things some of us will just have to make them ourselves. 

Where would you like to see your career in the next 5 years?

I don't look that far ahead. I am not interested in daydreams about the future. My plans and strategies are conceptual more than procedural. Right now I believe in the concept of sharing designs through instructive media. I don't know where this will lead 5 years from now but I do know that I am building a community that enjoys watching and making the designs I am publishing.

When you're not creating, what are you typically up to? Any other interests?

Real estate development! I am not into owning cars or clothes but love the idea of investing in specific pieces of the world where friends and family can come together to build and learn. I am having a lot of fun developing real estate projects around the country because each one gives me a new and different canvas to test out my design ideas. 

Last but not least, who are some artists and makers out there that you think we should know about?

  • My little sister Jessie Uyeda, she is just getting started but her stuff is super cool

  • The crew from the Making It Podcast: Jimmy Diresta, Bob Clagett, and David Picciuto.  Their podcast is a must listen for any maker and their individual YouTube channels constantly inform and inspire me.

  • Tara Donovan = my favorite artist. Google her.  You are welcome.

If you would like to learn more about Ben and Homemade Modern, you can check out or his Instagram @benjaminuyeda.

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